Italian meringue

Italian meringue, very
delicious and consistent to decorate desserts

How to make a delicious and consistent meringue of syrup to cover cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and other sweets? You want your desserts to be adorable to the eyes and to be kept for the necessary time until the time to serve them. Besides, you need not refrigerate them? Your perfect choice is a rich Italian meringue. Its only disadvantage is the number of calories contributed by sugar. For what I recommend not to let you take in the amount at the time of decorating!


4 Egg whites

3 cups of white sugar

½ cup of water

6 drops of lemon juice

3 tablespoons of sugar (separated from the rest)


  • Put the three cups of sugar, the lemon drops, and the water, to a slow cooker in a pitcher, without stirring (Approximately 7 minutes)
  • Beat the whites in a bowl until they reach the point of snow and add the 3 tablespoons of sugar that were separated, continue beating a little more
  • Check the marshmallow point of the syrup you are cooking: drop a drop in a cup of cold water and if it takes a soft consistency that you can knead it is ready
  • Add the hot syrup slowly and constantly while you beat it and continue beating until you get the desired consistency and the meringue is already fresher!
  • You can divide it into portions and give different colors to each one. Remember to use only vegetable dyes. Then just put in a pastry bag and unleash your creativity to create incredible desserts!
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